The Best Twitter Applications For Site Promotion

It’s not unusual to see multitudes of imitators and tools crop up when a program or network takes the Internet by storm. Particularly with Twitter, developers have made available countless companions to use with the social network. Everything from remote status updating capability to posting enhancements is available if you search for them, and as you promote yourself and your business via Twitter some of these tools could benefit you.

Of the hundreds available, you may need to use all of them. Here are just a few you may want to use to increase productivity and visibility among the millions of Twitter users in the world.

All Your Tweet – Curious to know how your Twitter following grows by the day? All Your Tweet provides analytics for your account as well as a dashboard for updating status. Track how many times your URL has appeared in Twitter, too!

Twitbacks – If you are skilled enough with graphics to create an eye-catching background for your Twitter profile page, use Twitbacks to create one. Twitbacks is a background generator that allows you to list your business information and URLs so they are easily seen when a visitor lands on your page. Select the colors according to your favorite schema, add links to your main site and other social profiles, and upload instantly.

Tweetlater – Are you fairly prolific with Twitter? Enjoy posting often? There may be times, however, when you must relay an important message to followers about a specific product launch or service, and you’re unable to get to your computer or wireless service. With Tweetlater you can schedule tweets in advance to post, as well as schedule reruns of tweets that bear repeating.

TwitterLocal – If you want to reach out to local “tweeters” this handy tool can help track down a few potential connections. Install TwitterLocal, enter a location, and a string of recent tweets from users in the area will pop up.

Twitter Karma – Need to clean up your follow list? Twitter Karma helps you determine which accounts you follow are the most inactive. You can decide if you want to cut your follow list based on what you find.

HelloTxt – If you’re spread out among several social networks, this handy program will post your status to all of them simultaneously. Just register, post, and you’re set.

As Twitter continues to grow, you’ll find endless applications and tools, for use with Twitter or as desktop shortcuts, to help you maximize your usage. Give the above a try and building your own following with this popular social network.

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