Why Would You Choose Network Marketing, Home Based Business Style Over Any Other Type of Business?

With so many people looking to start their own business, why are so many people recommending network marketing, home based business model over the traditional brick and mortar style business?? What are the instant advantages of being involved in a home based business in network marketing opposed to any other business and model?Tax Break advantage! Even if you only got started and still working your job while you get your home based business up off the ground and running you start to get the tax breaks usually only experienced by the rich! Straight away you can claim tax on some car payments, petrol, meals, entertainment, travel, etc, etc!You get to meet and surround yourself with like minded peopleEverybody that is involved in a home based network marketing business all have the same mind set or working on acquiring the same mind set! And as you may have heard your net work is determined by your net work! And by surrounding yourself with people who have the same goals and mindset as you the only way you can go is up! As there will be no people procrastinating your decisions or putting you down and trying to bring you back down to their level!Give yourself time (Network marketing companies are patient) You’ve got to give yourself time to experience success in your home based business! And one of the beauties of network marketing companies, is that it will invest in you even if you are successful. In the coporate world of working for somebody else if you are not successful in six months to a year you are fired! But in the network marketing world as long as you are will to put time and effort in, most of them will continue to develop your skills! After all they want you to get to the top.You can Leverage the systems that are already in placeMost network marketing companies have systems that are tried and proven, which allow you to hit the ground running in your home based business instead of trying to build test and perfect new systems!Start up costThe start up cost is WAY lower in a home based business that in traditional businesses! You will unlikely pay more than $20k to get started and that is nothing as you will be positioned at the top of the company! And if you tried to go out and by a traditional business you would probably only get a hot dog stand that will make you nowhere near the amount of money a network marketing company would let alone miss out on the all the other points we have covered!But when looking for a home based business in network marketing you have to consider that there are literally HUNDREDS of MLM and home based business opportunities out there and to be honest, a HUGE percentage are money eating machines and so far from money making machines it’s not funny! Just like in any business models!So I would like to arm you with information that is going to help “Bob” find the right home based business and I know it can do the same for you and it will instantly put you in a good position to experience success. Because with the right knowledge under your belt it isn’t that hard to make money in network marketing and sure as hell isn’t as hard as the statistics show!So here is a like to controversial report that I have to say when I read it, it nearly made me fall off the chair. That’s because it opened my eyes to the truths about MLM companies and to how not all home based business are created equal!! It’s called the Coffee House Letter and it is revolutionizing the way network marketers do business online … Love it or hate it no-one can read the Coffee House Letter without it profoundly changing the way they view network marketing.

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